Strength2Live Fitness loves to help others become a better version of themselves. With many different types of training, we set ourselves up to be able to serve you where you are physically and mentally. Below are some of the different services we offer.




We offer one-to-one training as well as small group training. One-to-one training helps those who tend to be detail oriented, have specific physical needs, or are just getting started. The small groups are usually put together by the trainer to help those with similar goals stay focused and accountable. During either type of session the services provided are: circumference measurement, body fat percentage reading, bi-weekly weigh-in and progress pics.

$250- one on one session 8 45 min sessions                      $175 8 1/2 hr sessions

$150- per person partner training 8 45min sessions           $125 8 1/2 hr sessions



Using the Roger Mayweather style of mittwork combined with the traditional throwing techniques, we form a workout that will get your heart rate jumping. We also use basic Muy Thai Boran striking to further emphasize rotation strength in the core.


*See personal training box for prices.



During this type of training we address speed, agility and explosiveness as well as core stability, strength and mobility. Helping athletes reach peak conditioning and performance by fixing gaps in the kinetic chain and maximizing "hip drive", our athlete develop strength.


*See personal training box for prices.



Our group classes are exciting and packed with people from many different walks of life. Our classes are primarily time focused so that everyone can work at their own level. We like to keep our style holistic making sure to train each energy system regularly throughout a 4-8 week course. Currently we run classes in Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana.



We love to teach organizations about how to make fitness relevant to their workplace. We do this in one of two ways. 1. By creating a plan of action involving small equipment purchases from the organzation and group training from an S2L coach. 2. By the organization allowing us to come and educate their employees about a specific need.  (ex. weight loss, functional movement and flexibillity training.) 

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