About Us

Strength2Live Fitness was created in 2013 to meet the needs of those who wanted to be more than just a number at a gym. S2L started as in home training to bridge the gap between the fitness lifestyle and the corporate gym. Over time we have been able to partner with different fitness professionals to serve the community with our gifts and knowledge and hope to continue to do so. Fitness is relevant to your health and wellness; we strive to serve all facets of wellness so our clients have Strength2Live, strength for life.



Personal training is the foundation of all that we do here at Strength2Live. With a primary focus on strength training, we motivate and instruct our clients to work towards well rounded strength. Meeting with clients in a one-to-one or group setting, we aim to fix disfunction and give our clients the advantage by teaching them how to move correctly.



At S2L we like to focus on community rather than competition. We create a supportive atmosphere while pushing each individual to their personal level of achievement during our group classes. No matter how inexperienced you are we encourage everyone to get involved and ignite the change for the better together.



As I see people with ailments from their job, I often observe their repeated movements and habits that often result in pattern overload. Speaking to different businesses about how to keep their biggest investments healthy and strong is a passion of ours. We want to empower businesses to be proactive instead of reactive in regards to supporting healthy habits. In doing so, we believe that not only will they save money but also gain productivity through the healthy energy of their employees.

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